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SBI(State Bank Of India) share price prediction(daily updated analysis)

SBI share price prediction( tracking daily)

When analyzing the price of SBI or any stock, the trend is important. Successful retail investors follow trends. For the current situation, the SBI share price prediction is negative. Below, I will update the intraday prediction for the SBI price movement. Intraday price movement is most unstable. Many times it is necessary to track the movement live. I will also update that.

Investors or traders who want to see the positional view can SBI can check here- SBI positional view

(What is a Positional View? – The positional view tells about the movement of share price longer than intraday. It can be for some days to weeks. )

For 1 May 2021:

SBI crossed the 340 – 350 zone, but other parameters are not strong. Yet, till it closes above 350, it will be in the light bullish zone for positional view.

For tomorrow, it has the support of 340 – 350 zone and strong resistance of 370. Hence, the prediction for tomorrow will be a sideways price movement with negative bias.

For 26 April 2021:

As per the prediction on 23 April 2021, 340 acted as a major resistance for SBI.

It needs to cross the 340 – 350 zone strongly with other parameters turning positive for a further big rally.

For 23 April 2021:

SBI is getting some support around 320 level as we have discussed it in the section broader view in this blog. It has major resistance in the 340 Р350 zone.

There is a wait-and-watch situation in SBI.

(Note: Wait and watch is like a big tool to become successful in the stock market)

Technical levels would be the same as that of the 20th April.

SBI share price predictions for 22nd April 2021 intraday:

SBI share price prediction will be the same as that of 20th April 2021.

SBI share price predictions for 20th April 2021 intraday:

SBI can show very choppy movement, Also, there is no favorable risk-reward ratio. The smart money seems to stay away.

SBI live price

Technical levels: Support 1: 330, Support 2: 321, Support 3: 311

Resistance 1:332, Resistance 2 : 336, Resistance 3: ( range 341 to 349)

SBI share price (wise view)

At present, on 19 April 2021, the trend is negative in SBI. SBI showed a significant move from 300 to 400 in February 2021. Now its share price is 325 at 12.44 pm.

SBI will again be in a positive trend if it crosses 350 with other parameters becoming strong.

sbi share price prediction

Price and these other parameters are both important to turn positive.

I thoroughly investigate and analyze these other parameters and the trends, I have been studying the stock market for many years.

SBI share price prediction (broader view)

SBI share price is falling since 19th February 2021 however it seems like profit-booking.

From a broader view, the SBI trend is not disturbed. SBI share price is showing signs of recovery from 320 level, but this is not significant. Hence, the smart money will not enter here.

SBI bounces back strongly after a correction. However, smart investors would not enter before SBI breaks the major resistance level.


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