July 11, 2024

Will Grauer and Weil reach target of Rs.100 in 2022?| Udaanguru’s distinctive forecast

‘Grauer and Weil’ is in the sideways zone for many weeks. It has major support near 50 to 54 levels. Also, there is resistance near 75.

Fundamentally, the stock is very strong. Also, it’s almost a zero-debt company.

Grauer and Weil share price target for 2022

The stock has shown a good up move from 57 to 66. Now, it needs to cross the resistance level of 75 with some parameters showing confirmation. Whenever any progress takes place, we update the things here.

In such a scenario, the first target of the stock will be 95.

Short term review

(Updated on 6 January 2022)

Grauer and Weil has a support of 63 and near term target of 75.

After 12 December 2021, Grauer and Weil’s share price has risen from 56 to 66 in 15 to 20 days.

Company Information

At last look, Company hasfree-float market cap of 435.95 Crore. And the market cap of 1449.78 Crore. It has Positive cash flow from operating activities. The company mainly operates in the chemicals, lubricants, paints, and engineering sectors.

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