May 28, 2024

Importance of tracking the stock price

Now, take the example of Tata Motors stock. In October 2013, the price was trading near 350. I could see the target for Tata Motors near 700 for the year 2015. The stock price was moving upward according to prediction. However, the twist came in May 2015 when the stock fell from 600 to 510 with some important parameters turning down. Hence, I could see the danger and stopped on 510.

After that, the stock is not able to touch the level of 600 till March 2022. From this example, we can see the importance of tracking the stock price. Also, it is better to not set too-long share price targets. One year to five years from the current year is ok. I have seen many idiots on the internet giving foolish targets and fraudulent information. Friends, be aware of that.

I have spent countless days and nights observing, learning, and implementing in the stock market. Our site is dedicated to providing you right education on the stock market.

Why it is important to track the short-term target and why it’

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