July 11, 2024

Will Tata Motors share price reach the target of 1000 in 2022?|Udaanguru’s Target education

Tata Motors share price target for 2023,2024,2025,2030,2040

In April 2020, Tata Motors was trading at around Rs70.

Now, in February 2022, it is near 500 level

Tata Motors stock has risen from 70 to 500 level in less than 2 years and the journey is still going on. Before reading further, you should read > Why it is important to track the short-term target and why it’s not good to see very long targets and sit relax.

Tata Motors share price target for 2022


In the current situation, Tata Motors is trading near Rs505. From October 2022, it has stuck below 530 level. Also,450 is acting as a support level.

Short term scenario

We often get the next move from the weekly performance of stocks. Tata Motors is one of the liquid stocks in the Indian stock market and makes big moves in a week. Hence, It is also important to see the next week’s target


The First Target of Tata Motors for 2022 would be Rs595, once it crosses the resistance of 530 with some other parameters getting stronger. We would update here about it.

Tata Motors share price target for 2023,2024,2025,2030,2040

We can see from many examples that there is a demand in stocks when it is adapting to the technology shift or there is a bright future in the sector. Tata Motors is a good example of such a phenomenon. The recent rally in Tata Motors shares justifies it.      The demand and future of electric vehicles have changed the game for Tata Motors. Tata motors is the biggest company in the electronic vehicles category for India. There is a big demand for Electric cars Nexon and Tigor which is a very positive thing. Tata Motors is heavily dependent on the revenues from sales of Jaguar Land Rover. Now, the participation of EVs will reduce this dependency. Also, it will diversify the business. This will enable Tata Motors to achieve the next level by 2030.

Tata Motors share price target can be like this,
Tata Motors share price target 2023: First half target 550, second-half target 600
Tata Motors share price target 2025: First half target 700, second-half target 660 (it can correct from 700)
Tata Motors share price target 2028: First half target 900, second-half target 1000
Tata Motors share price target 2030: First half target 1300, second-half target 1370

Let’s discuss price Prediction. We can see Tata Motors retracing the levels of 530 to 550 in 2023. In 2024, It can reach up to the 700 level. Till 2030 we can expect it to reach 1000+ level. We can decide the target for 2040 later, it will be very early. Targets for years other than 2022, can be decided on the basis of – how it acts in the supply zone. Many things can happen so we need to revise our targets.

The market for electric vehicles is increasing and Tata Motors is the largest stock in the segment. Greaves Cotton is also one of the promising companies in electric two-wheelers, e autos, and e rickshaws. You can read more below.

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Tata motors business

(Observed in February 2022)

The major thing about Tata motor’s business is that it has the largest market share across the electric cars sector. Also, its total electric vehicles sales is increasing year by year. Also, the demand for the CNG models of Tiago and Tigor is rising. Tata Punch and Tata Nexon had the biggest sale.

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