June 6, 2024

Bullish or bearish!.. Tata Motors share price new target for next week| Tata Motors share weekly overview

Tata Motors share price target next week

Tata Motors share price Target for next week

When we talk about the weekly performance of a stock. The real market demand, supply, and price movements have immense value. A big fluctuation in these factors is due to the anticipation of good or poor performance in the future. Also, overall market sentiments can cause these fluctuations.

Now let’s see the example of Tata Motors stock. we will discuss the different aspects of the stock. Also, Next week’s target.

Tata motors share price prediction for the upcoming week( 4 April 2022 to 9 April 2022)

From the low of 376 made on 8 March 2022, Tata Motors has recovered up to 441 this week. Now it has support at 431 and resistance at 449. The first Target for Next week is 452 and the second target is 472. It needs to cross and sustain above 449 for momentum in price.

Tata Motors share price target for next week (21 March 2022 to 25 March 2022)

As we discussed in last week’s target for 17th March, Tata Motors’ share price reached the target of 429 and closed at 433.80. It has maintained the bullish trend. Now, the stock is nicely moving in the upside direction. Also, it is above the resistance of 430. For the next week, 430 will be very near support. The first target for next week is 448 and the second target 458. The sales for Tata Motors in February 2022 increased by 27 % than last year’s February sales.

Tata Motors share price target for next week (14 March 2022 to 18 March 2022)

16 March 2022: The stock is in the bullish zone. However, it is struggling to pass the 428-432 level. Hence for tomorrow(17 March 2022), Tata Motors’ first target would be 429.

With the current momentum in the stock and the support which it has at Rs 359-400, we can observe that Tata Motors is heading towards Rs460. If we summarise the last three weeks’ data, we can see that the stock price had fallen from 490 to the low of Rs 376.50. The price was moving in affection to the downside. Overall market sentiments were negative due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, this week the stock recovered from the low 376.50 to the high 434.95. The closing price of the stock this week was 418.15.

Now, for the next week, Tata Motors’ first share price target is 448 and the second target is 469. Also, a major hurdle is at 452.

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