July 11, 2024

Top 12 easy part time jobs to earn extra income

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Top 12 easy part time jobs to earn extra income

Are you looking for easy part-time jobs? Many people are confused about what kind of job is suitable for them to grab the extra bucks. There is a wide list of different types of part-time jobs in different fields of life. You need to see your education, skills, physical abilities, interest and working hours availability to see which job is suitable for you. We are sharing some of the good easy part time jobs to help you decide about your suitable part time job which is easy to do. 

This is an era of competition and advancement. Many people feel the need to increase their current earnings from different ways like a part-time job. We can define a part time job as an employee with lesser working hours as compared to a full-time job. According to an estimate, a job with less than 30 hours per week is considered a part-time job. Jobs with an average of 40 working hours per week are full-time jobs and any job work with lesser than this is included in part-time employment.

These jobs are usually in shifts of the workers and with rotational working hours. A part time job is a good way to increase your income. In this article, we will share some important facts and figures for a list of best part-time jobs. 

easy part time jobs

Importance of Part-Time Jobs:

A part-time worker has many benefits. Few of them are as under:

  • It is a way to increase your income without having much pressure.
  • You can balance work and personal life.
  • Many people need time for their tasks and responsibilities other than earning. With a part-time job, they can prefer and pay attention to any important issue in their life like studies, hobbies, kids or a sick family member.
  • Part-time jobs provide flexible working hours un-like the typical 9 to 5 permanent jobs.
  • It is a general concept that part-time works create less stress and lesser work pressure as compared to full-time jobs.
  • Part-time workers learn better time management skills.
  • You can learn new skills from the job.
  •  It can be a source of making new contacts and better networking.

Easy Part time Jobs:

  1. Freelancer

2. Tutor(online/offline)

3. Bank Teller

4. Accountant

5. Driver

6. Personal trainer

7. Real estate agent

8. Baby or Pet Sitter/Care Taker

9. Medical assistant

10. Part-time medical assistant

11. Delivery person

12.Social media manager

Let’s share the basic information about each job;


This is one of the most fast-growing fields nowadays. Many people are even quitting their full-time jobs and entering the world of freelancing to enjoy the perks. A freelancer is a person who works sells his specific skill by setting his price and working hours. This field has wide options. You can sell any skills like drawing, painting, photography, content writing, make-up services, technological skills, music and much more. 


 You need to have a certain skill like make-up skills, photography, writing abilities, drawing talent and much more. 

Average Income: 

The average income depends upon the nature of the work. Like a freelance content writer may earn from $10 to 30 per hour according to the level and nature of the job. These jobs are also paid on the bases of per word, starting from 0.2 to around 2 per word. 

Then a freelance make-up artist may earn according to the project or on per hour bases. He/she may get like $200 for beautifying a bride or charge per hour.

Expected working hours:

 This work has no typical time. You can work anytime according to your ease and deliver the work to the customer.

How to find Freelance work?

 There are many platforms for freelancing like up-work, fiver, freelancer.com and much more. Additionally, freelance working opportunities are advertised on online platforms, in newspapers or by word of mouth.

How to Increase Earnings through freelancing: 

You can enhance your creativity, skills, working hours and level of expertise to increase the income. You will get good reviews on the platforms like freelancers and fiver if you do quality work. It will attract more clients to you. Also, they will be ready to pay you more.

2. Tutor(online/offline)

It’s one of the most popular easy part time jobs. You can easily start providing tuition to students and earn a good amount. You can either go to their home to provide home tuition or decide to teach the students at your place. To be a good tutor you need to have the grip and knowledge about the relative subjects.

Besides, the ability to explain, understand the questions and assess the weaknesses of the students is essential to be a recommendable tutor. Also, you can design a full course on the subject in which you have the expertise and sell it online.


In-depth knowledge of a subject you are going to teach. You can always be a tutor to people who are lesser than you in education level. However, highly qualified and learned people earn more as compared to others.

Average Income: 

The income of a tutor depends upon the knowledge, qualifications and time availability of the tutor. An estimated amount is $24.40 per hour.

Expected working hours: 

Tuitions are usually available in the evening when the students get free from their educational institutions. However, students having vacation or evening programs may need morning tuitions as well.

How to reach students for Tuitions? 

You can try online portals or advertise your services in educational institutions. Personal Contacts can also be helpful to find this work.

How to Increase Earnings through tuitions:

You can increase your income by increasing your working hours and most important are your teaching skills and knowledge. Students will promote you if you are that good. If you are finding easy part time jobs and you have very good teaching skills, then this is the destination of your search.

3. Bank Teller:

This job is mostly done in banking hours. In the peak season or days of work pressure, the management of banks usually hires people at the counter or for minor operational assistance.  Besides, they may hire you for welcoming and directing the bank customers to the appropriate table.


If you have a basic high school degree, they may hire you for assistance and welcoming of the customers. However, if you have a degree in subjects like finance, banking operations, mathematics or business management, you may assist the bank in typical banking operations. These operations include cash withdrawal, counting, account making, and other such tasks. The majority of banks also give the required training to the hired staff.

Average Income:

 An estimated amount is $12.82 per hour.

Expected working hours: 

This work is usually available at the peak hours of bank-like between 11 am to 5 pm.

How to find Bank Teller Part-time job? 

These jobs are usually advertised online on job portals or the specific websites of the banks. You can also check the local newspaper or go to submit your CV in-person to the banks nearby.

How to Increase Earnings through Bank Teller Part-time Job?

1. Get more experience and certifications.

2. Move to high paying state or city.

4. Accountant:

This job is suitable for people with a degree in mathematics and accounting. Companies and financial institutions hire people to handle the weekly or seasonal work-load. The job includes tasks like making ledgers, accounts, LCs and other such works related to the field of accounting.


 You need to have a degree in accounting to be eligible for this job. Highly professional degrees like Chartered accountants also work park time to enjoy the perks of a part-time job and enhance their income.

Average Income: 

The estimated per hour income for an accountant is $30 per hour. The value increases with the level of your education and expertise. 

Expected working hours: 

These are flexible in the day or even at night. Companies even provide the hard or soft copies of data and you can send them the desired calculations by working at home.

How to find a Part-time Accountant Job?

These jobs are advertised online and in newspapers. You can select the job-related websites and even go to drop your CV at the accounting firms or nearby companies.

How to increase Earnings through Part-time accounting job:

 You can increase your earnings by working for more hours and by enhancing your qualifications.

5. Driver:

Working as a driver is also an easy part-time job. You can own your car or work with some company or family.  People also provide driving facilities at night hours and earn reasonable amounts. You can also work as a school bus driver or offices to provide the facilities to concerned people.


 You need to have good driving skills and a driving license.

Average Income: 

An estimated amount per hour is $14.5.

Expected working hours:

 These jobs are on flexible hours. A driver for a family or an individual may be according to their requirement. However, a school bus driver will be obviously in school hours.

How to find driving Part-time jobs? 

Such jobs are achieved by dropping your CV in schools, institutions and driving companies. They will check the driving license and test your skills as well. 

How to increase Earnings through Driving: 

These earnings are enhanced by increasing working hours.

6. Personal Trainer:

In this field, you can teach any of your skills like driving, horse-riding, make-up, artistry, calligraphy, swimming, yoga, painting and much more. Apart from having the expertise, you should have the ability to teach it to others. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for the learning of your trainee.


 You need to have certain skills and get the students to learn from you.

Average Income:

 The estimated salary is around $20.85 per hour. 

Expected working hours: 

This work has no typical time. You need to set the time and place with your trainee. 

How to find a job as a Personal-trainer? 

You can contact the related institution and advertise your skills. Online platforms and related job agencies will also help. Furthermore, word of mouth and reference also plays a good role in this category.

How to increase Earnings by being a personal-trainer?

You can enhance your creativity, skills, working hours, level of expertise and number of trainees to increase the income.

7. Real Estate Agent:

The real estate agent becomes the intermediary between the buyer and seller of the property and charges their commission. This is an easy job and you earn without having specific skills and effort. You just need to keep an eye on the property available for sale in different areas. This can be known by online advertisements. Then connect the property seller with a suitable buyer by matching their requirements with the property available.


This job needs basic education. You can have a degree in any field and work as an estate agent.

Average Income: 

The yearly income depends upon the services and abilities of the worker. An average worker may earn up to $82,650 per year.

Expected working hours: 

The individual can do the online property estate at any time available. However, for contacting and discussing with the customers, you need to be available at their required time.

How to find a job as a Real estate agent?

 Just get knowledge about the property and advertise your services. In some countries, the government has the rule to get the agent license and registration before offering your services.

How to increase Earnings by being a Real Estate Agent?

 You can increase your research and get more property available in your records. Attracting customers is also important which can be done by advertisement.

8. Waiter or Bartender:

You can also work in a bar or a restaurant. This is an easy job and you can work will very basic qualifications. They will pre-set the working hours and duties. You may learn the work by simple training of a day or two.


This job doesn’t need high qualifications. High school students, even the less educated individuals can also work and win bread and butter for themselves.

Average Income:

 The average salary is around $12 per hour.

Expected working hours: 

This job is available on flexible hours. However, bars usually hire part-time helpers for the night during the rush hours.

How to find a job as a bartender?

 You can search online, contact hiring agencies or go to the bar and restaurant management personally.

9. Baby or Pet Sitter/Care Taker:

This is the job in which you have to take care of babies or pets. People who work and don’t have anyone to take care of the kids need someone to take care of the baby in their working hours. Similarly, pet parents on vacations or at work sometimes find someone to keep the pet. You can have the baby or pet at your side or go to the customer’s desired place for this job.


For babysitting, you need to have a related course or certification in developed countries. However, this certification is not necessary for some countries.

Average Income: 

The average salary is around $15.5 per hour for a baby sitter.

Expected working hours:

This is inflexible working hours. Babysitting is usually done in-office hours when the mothers are working. On the other hand, pets are usually given to boarding for a few days.

How to find a job as a babysitter?

 You can search online, contact hiring agencies or advertise your services to get clients.

How to increase Earnings as a baby sitter/pet caretaker?

If you have good management skills, a caring, and loving nature, your clients will be satisfied. Your brand value will increase so your earnings.

10. Part-time medical assistant:

If you qualify in the medical field, you can still enjoy the ease of part-time work. You can offer your services as a part-time doctor, speech therapist, nurse or massage therapist. In this way, you can earn a handsome amount without having a burden and restrictions on a full-time job.


This job is only for individuals who have qualifications and certifications in the medical field.  

Average Income: 

This is a high paying job. A doctor may earn up to $50 per hour. A nurse can have an income of $40 per hour.

Expected working hours:

 Medical assistance can be required at any time. So an individual can work according to his/her ease.

How to find a job as a medical assistant? 

Searching online, contacting job agencies and dropping your CV in hospitals and clinics may help.

How to increase Earnings as a medical-assistant? 

These earnings can be increased by increasing working hours. Per hour wages also increase with better qualification and practice level.

11. Delivery person:

This job is related to driving. The e-commerce platforms, online food deliveries, and courier services hire people for delivering their products. It also includes picking the stuff from the customers’ place for delivery to the desired place.


  You need to be a good driver and have a driving license. 

Average Income:

 The estimated salary is around $12.5 per hour. 

Expected working hours: 

The food and medicine deliveries are usually done 24 hours a day. So you can select your suitable hours accordingly. However, courier services are mostly done in day times.

How to find a job as a delivery person? 

You can contact the related restaurants and online portals. Besides, you can check the vacancies on online food platforms and courier services of your country. Job agencies will also help you in this regard.

How to increase Earnings by being a delivery person: 

Increasing your working hours will enhance your income.

12.social media manager

The job of a social media manager can be either part-time or full time according to the requirements of the company. However, many companies and small organizations need a part-time social media manager.


Skills to create the presence of a particular business on social media. Compatible with video editing and photo editing, online advertising, website development, SEO. Also, you should understand the various terms of business and marketing.

How to find a social media manager job?

Nowadays many companies post on online job search sites like Indeed and Naukari.com for a part-time social media manager job. Also, you can find the advertisements in the newspapers.

Expected working hours:

Generally, it is 15 to 25 hours weekly. As it is an online job, you can adjust your daily working timings after discussing it with the company.

How to increase earning through social media manager?

If you make successful campaigns and satisfied clients. More people will hire you and your fees will also increase. Always be updated with new things and strategies regarding social media. Research and development is the key to become successful as a social media manager


Part time jobs provide a range of perks including flexible working hours, enhanced income and minimum work pressure. Many people work part time according to their qualifications and skills to earn handsome amounts and enhance their basic income. Copious types of jobs are available, while you need to choose according to your education, skills, and availability. Or if you can quit both job and a part-time job, however, you have to first understand which is suitable for you, job or business.

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