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Azim Premji Donations: Know everything about his great philanthropy

Azim Premji Donations: Know everything about his great philanthropy

Azim Premji, a man of many wonders, is a business tycoon, an engineer, investor and a well-known philanthropist of India. When it comes to donations, Azim Premji donations have contributed a lot. What makes Azim Premji different than anyone else is his philanthropic nature. He empathizes with people and is always doing something great for his country and the underprivileged lot.

Azim premji donation

He is an epitome of inspiration as he built up Wipro to one of the fastest-growing businesses and due to his deep sense of empathy Azim Premji has always made sure to return the favor of his country. Azim Premji donation has always been directed towards the underprivileged people and many other ventures as well. He has even given away half of his wealth by signing The Giving Pledge.

The chairman of Wipro limited, he built up the formerly $2 million cooking fat company to a widespread multi-business operating conglomerate which makes billion dollars each year. In India, Azim Premji is considered a pioneer for establishing the IT sector. He has the privilege of receiving the second-highest civilian honor award of India for his contributions in business and before this, he also received the title of Padma Bhushan for contribution in trade and commerce. He is solely made Wipro what it is today from a small family business to one of the global leaders in the software industry. 

Throughout his life, Azim Premji has received multiple awards and honors. He was voted as one of the world’s 20 most powerful men by the Asiaweek in 2010. He has also made it twice to the list of 100 most influential people by Time magazine in the years 2004 and 2011. Azim Premji was also voted on number 9th as India’s 50 most powerful people by India Today in the year 2017. He is also India’s tenth richest person. 

Azim Premji Donations Corona 2020

Amid this pandemic of coronavirus, India has also been affected by it and the outbreak is causing havoc in the daily life of everyone. However, there are so many things to take care of like having the right medical equipment, facilities, doctors, hospitals, awareness and making sure that the underprivileged do not get neglected at any cost. 

Like always Azim Premji decided to do his part with a major donation for Corona in 2020. Wipro Ltd and Azim Premji Foundation have together decided to commit Rs. 1,125 crores for tackling the COVID-19 outbreak in India. Wipro owner donation was made to look out for the country during this terrible time. Where every country is trying to stay stable along with helping its underprivileged lot, the donations made by these foundations and NGOs are a huge help. 

Has Azim Premji donated 50000 crores for fighting against Coronavirus?

There was a post going viral on social media that Azim Premji donated 50000 crores to fight against coronavirus. However, this post turned out fake, As Wipro officials clarified that no such decision has been taken. Maybe it is confusion for 2019 endowment by Azim Premji which was 52750 crores.

Azim Premji’s contribution has again proved his love for the country and its people – he is a true empath. 

This is not the first time that Azim Premji has done something big for people. This great and big-hearted business tycoon has set great examples for the rich lot of India. He has truly taken India’s philanthropy to another level. Influencing the lives of millions, Azim Premji has become an icon and idol figure for the rich and empathetic people. More and more people are now following his footsteps. 

The total contribution of Azim Premji is now 39% of his stakes. His major contribution and donation for the people include:

Azim Premji Donation in 2019

Azim Premji earlier in the year 2019 donated 34% of Wipro shares ownership to the Azim Premji trust and Azim Premji Philanthropist Initiatives. Its cost was 52,750 crores and if calculated in dollars it was 7.5 billion dollars.

Azim Premji founded this non-profit organization in the year 2001 to improve India’s school education. Azim Premji endowment to his foundation initially started with the funding of $125 million. Between the years 2001 and 2019, he donated Wipro shares worth $12 billion. His donations to his foundation rise to $21 billion now.

Azim Premji donations in 2015

After taking The Giving pledge Azim Premji donated 18% of his shares which made his total to a whopping 39% shares. He made the news again by donating generously like always. 

Azim Premji Donation in 2013

During this year Azim Premji as a part of his pledge had already given 25% of his total wealth to the charity. This money was supposed to be an investment for the cause of education in India.

Azim Premji Foundation 

Like the businessman, he does not take any step without thinking. The founding of this foundation took him 6 months of discussion and planning. He was always willing to do something for the betterment of his country and its people and he was highly inspired by Gandhi and his mother who was involved with children’s hospital donations, etc. 

The Azim Premji Foundation after a decade of its formation led to the foundation of Azim Premji University. His goal was to improve the education of Indian schools. The foundation also trains teachers so that the level of education in government school is no less than that of a private school. Students studying in government institutions should get equal facilities and opportunities. 

The Giving pledge

Azim Premji became the first Indian to sign The Giving Pledge and the third non-American. This pledge is a campaign by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. This pledge encourages the richest lot around the world for committing giving their most of the wealth to different philanthropic works. 

In conclusion, 

People like Azim Premji walk this Earth rarely and it is in these rare moments that people and humanity get the most benefits. Azim Premji says he has no thirst for wealth and riches and that he just wants to give back to the society. 

Azim Premji is no less than an icon in the field of philanthropy, especially in India. His business may get defeated by other businesses in the coming years but his philanthropy has no match. Premji showed how to give back to society and do what the heart desires. His philanthropic endeavors are not only recognized and known in just India but it is worldwide.


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