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Best Motivational Stories that glorify the power of hope!

Best Motivational Stories that glorify the power of hope!

Many times we think that the problems which we are facing are very big and we are so unlucky to have these problems, but these motivational stories will tell you that if the will is strong, nothing is impossible!


The picture of Mount Everest was shown to the 8 years kid by his father for the first time in his life. He said to his father that he will climb the mountain one day. His father told him that it is not an easy task and there is no oxygen there, only a healthy person can do this. In our life, we all have a certain desire or dream to achieve before we die. Like that, this kid grew up with that dream to climb Mt. Everest called Edward Michael.

But a twist of fate, In his early age of 20, he caught up with an accident. Doctors said that he could have been paralyzed for life and chances of him ever walking again were minuscule. But within a year of that accident, he achieved his goal by climbing the summit of Mt. Everest at the age of 23. He was then the youngest one to achieve this feat. He is none other than Bear Grylls.
Yes, we all have known Bear Grylls. People know him because of his famous show Man Vs Wild. There are many inspiring and motivational stories all over the world, but there is a special place for Bear Grylls in them. Because of that one particular year, he got through 1996. The most tragedic year of his life; That accident. . .

When looking into Bear Grylls life even I thought and questioned myself, ‘’why I’m living like a sheep instead of achieving my dreams’’. Well, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned from him. Let’s get into the travel…

Edward Michael is the real name of Bear Grylls. Bear is the nickname of him since his childhood. He was born in London, England on 7 June 1974. From childhood, he was very fond of nature and doing adventurous things. When he was 8 years old, his father showed him the picture of Mt. Everest, The world’s tallest peak. He said that he will climb this one day. His father laughed and said that it is not an easy job and it needs a lot of proper training. So it became the dream of Bear Grylls.

He started his preparations for achieving his dream from his 8th age. After completion of his high school, he went to India, hiking in the Himalayan mountain of Sikkim and West Bengal. He traveled with the Indian army and learned a lot from them.

The discipline of the Indian army and their desire to save the country in spite of that cold weather in Kashmir motivated him. Apart from that, how nature got affected by humans are those things that he learned in India as a teenager. He then noted that the army is the right choice to pursue his goal because he was very much interested in adventurous things. After returning home, he served in the British army as a trooper from 1994 to 1997. And that military was highly in an adventurous specialization unit.

In 1996, he went on an African trip, there he saw a parachute exhibition, and he did that adventure. But, an unfortunate incident happened. During a skydive over Zambia, his parachute failed to inflate at 16000ft (4900m), causing him to land on his back, crushing his three vertebrae. They thought that he was almost dead and rushed him to the nearby hospital. But miraculously he was alive.

Doctors told me that it was an achievement to be alive after such a big accident. Further, they told the sad news, that he will be bed-ridden for his entire life and he cannot lead a normal life. He struggled for about 18 months of bed-ridden life in the dark hospital room (Just one month bed-ridden is also unimaginable)At that time, some questions were raised in his mind that how he could live his life after and he cried every day.

Even in that situation, he didn’t give up. He told to himself again and again that he should climb that Mt. Everest. After that, he changed himself by his efforts. Even science denied him; Doctors told him that he cannot stand by himself. But within a year, Bear Grylls started climbing Mt. Everest. He was the first youngest person who climbed Mt. Everest. There were a lot of struggles on that path. The body was not in the best form.

In spite of all those struggles, he achieved his goal in 1998. He then had known as one of the youngest people to climb Mt. Everest in the world. Also, he was the youngest United Kingdom person to climb Mt. Everest. Then he also climbed the other tallest peaks of the world. He admired the Doctors and peoples all over the world.

After that, there were no full stops in his life. He achieved various milestones. Bear entered the television world with the show ‘Man Vs Wild’ which was first aired on 10 Nov 2006. The show became a huge success and Grylls became a household name in Asia, the USA, and Canada. By that show, he explored nature and adventurous things. Now he is living with his 3 sons. And his adventure is continuing…

A person who was bed-ridden and told by the Doctors that he couldn’t get out of the bed is the same person who made those impossible things possible. So ‘’why can’t you?’’, ‘’ why can’t you just give it a try?’’. I think that these stories are not just motivational but also brain feeding food.
Well, Bear Grylls had said 6 things about how he could achieve those things and they are Bear Grylls quotes,

You only get one chance at life and you have to grab it boldly.

When you are going through hell, keep going.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little ‘EXTRA’. Give that little bit extra.

Don’t listen to the dream stealers.
In his life, who was his dream stealer? Doctors. They said that he could have been paralyzed for life and chances of him ever walking again were minuscule. Don’t believe that. Whoever may say that you cannot achieve your goal, but if you believe in YOU, you can make it happen. You can make impossible things possible.

Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.

If you give your heart to a goal, it will repay you. It is the law of the universe.
With these 6 things, I thought to tell you the inspiring story of Bear Grylls. Now he is enjoying his life and living happily as he dreamed of.
If it is possible for him, then why can’t you?
THINK about it….


As a human being in this broad universe, we all must have a business idea in our minds. We thought that I should do this business. But, we didn’t yet follow that business idea because, most of the normal human being like us, spent their first 20 years being a student. Then for the next 40 years, we may do some other jobs unrelated to our graduate degree.

We think that small joy or pleasure that we had in between our student life as success and let our goals to get out of our mind and living our usual life. But actually, if a person works harder even though he may fail at time and enjoy success in his 65th year as a KFC owner is ‘Colonel Sanders’.Colonel Sanders was born in 1890 in America. He saw only the failure throughout his life but how he got through it and how he got to taste his success is the amazing and motivational story!

Colonel Sanders was born in the developing country of America in 1890. He lost his father at the age of 5. His mother taught him the household work when he was growing up. Hence, he could know the family problems and become more responsible.

Lately, at the age of 12, a sudden thing had happened to him, that his mother got 2nd marriage. He got to know that the person who replaced the place of his father troubled him so much. The colonel was ill-treated by him. So, he got off from his house and dropped his studies.

At that time, he was only in 7th grade. After that, he did several jobs, He tried a lot many jobs. However, every step that he took ended up with failure. Colonel also got a small joy in his 18th year, he got married to his loving wife and gave birth to a child at 19. He has a non-stable income yet.

Colonel was sure that he’ll be something in the future. But he didn’t know how to do it. He did all those jobs which came on his way. As he was a high-tempered person, he faced a lot of problems in his personal life. Due to his early age marriage, he was not well-matured to lead his life. After some days his wife got separated from him with their child.

See he was a failed person in all aspects. He led a normal life until his 65th year by doing jobs included trying his hand as a painter, railroad fireman, streetcar conductor, service-station operator.

At his 65th age, the government of America gave some pension amount of 105 dollars for helpless old peoples in that country. With that amount and debt amount from his neighbors, he started a motel on a highway. He became a little confident about his job. But after some days, unfortunately, the government replaced that highway stop into somewhere.

Due to this, Colonel Sanders got hopeless and helpless. He thought of attempting suicide. When he thought to end up his life, an interesting thing happened in his life. He got to look up his past and remember one thing, that his mother taught him to cook a chicken. He thought this is the one thing that he was good at and asked himself as ‘’why can’t I just give it a try?’’. Finally, he tried that as a signature chicken. It was loved by the people around there.

Sanders identified the potential of the restaurant franchising concept, and the first ‘‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’’. After that what he did would be the biggest life lesson, that he was rejected 1008 times before his 1st chicken was sold. His 1009th try was successful and he became an American businessman, best known for KFC and later acting as the company’s brand ambassador and symbol. His name and image are still symbols of the company.

Think, his life was full of rejections. But he became successful at his age of 65. I hope this KFC owner’s life taught you that success is achievable even at that old age. Apart from that, our age, our degree is all just numbers. Our success and failure will be judged and proved by nature.

Be unstoppable! The only thing that matters in his life: What do you think about yourself, when you’re by yourself?
Always be ready for your moment. Your success is about to surprise you!!

May these motivational stories will help you to achieve your goal in life!

Power of hope!

There was a Sheik who mentioned this inspirational story in Saudi Arabia. And there was a doctor who visited him from Pakistan and told him a story happened to him. He, The Doctor who is speaking is a top Neurologist. One of the top Doctors in Pakistan. It’s said that perhaps you have to wait for months before you can get an appointment to see him.

So what happened is, he said,’’ I was flying from one city to another’’.
A very busy man flying quite often within the country and perhaps even outside. And he said ‘’Suddenly, the clouds built up. Huge clouds and the lightning started striking and it started pouring. And there was a lot of turbulence, one of the engines was stuck and damaged. So we had to land’’. So what happened is,
The landing was at a nearby little airport or a little landing strip.

And when they landed there, it was a remote area. There were very few people on the plane as it was a small plane. They landed in such a remote place. No one was there to repair it. They would have to wait definitely!
So the Doctor asked the Captain, ‘‘how long are you going to be? ” He said, ‘we are going to be quite long’’. Doctor said that he needs to go to that area.

Then the Captain replied, ‘‘It’s just a 3 hours drive via vehicle, so why don’t you just go by road’’. The doctor said, ‘‘good idea because this is going to take long’’. So he decides to go. The clouds built again and the lightning was striking and rain started pouring. It was pouring so much. That the vehicle could not move much more, because of the mud. So it was quite an open area with a bit of farmland and after a while they realized.
Look, ’’we are not getting anywhere. There is a little house here. Why don’t we just go there, and lead our prayer’’.

And they decided to knock the door. Strange people; strange land; far off; out in the rural. He knocked on the door and he got his little bag and everything and walked in.
An old lady happened to answer the door after a while. They told their story to her and asked her for a place to stay.

And she said, ‘’No problem, you can come in’’. She had a little place for prayer and she had a baby on the side, or not a baby but a child. Every little while, the grandma was checking on the child and praying to god.

These people fulfilled their prayers and did whatever they had to…and when they were about to leave, they thanked her and asked about the child. So the grandma said, ‘’look the child is an orphan, and the child is not well, not at all, very sick. We’ve been to all the doctors around. I’m the grandmother of this child. The doctors have told us that there is only one specialist around who can help this child. And we tried to make an appointment. But they asked us to come after six months. And it’s far away. And I’ve been praying ever since that day to make easy for us’’.

So the doctor asked,‘’ what’s the name of that specialist?’’.
The granny replied, ‘’he is Dr. Fauzan’’.

Immediately the doctor burst into tears. He burst into tears straight away. Granny asked him, ‘’why are you crying?’’. The doctor said, ‘’your prayer has just been answered. For your prayer thunder came, the lightning came, the engine stuck, we came down, we came on the road…the rain came again, and stopped us and so on’’. And you know what? The rain only stopped raining after she asked the question. Now it happened. And now the granny started crying.

And the doctor himself was telling the story, saying, ‘’that was me. It happened to me’’. And he said, ‘’I learned that if God wants to give something to someone, it cannot be prevented by anyone’’.

Where in the wildest of the dreams of this old lady would have felt or believed, that the top man, whom it is semi-impossible to see without big, big appointments, would be driven to the door; knocked the door; came in here; did his prayer, and they would have to serve the child here. Amazing! It brings tears to the eyes.

But I share it with you because; every one of us has needs for god. Just keep calling. Have that hope. If it is yours, it will come in your direction. You know, we use the term by hook or crook. I don’t want to use that today. I want to tell you the ‘POWER OF HOPE’.
Things always have a way of working out. Never underestimate the power of prayer, faith, and love.
If you have that hope, nothing is impossible. It will happen. It will come to pass.
All the best!


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